Ten Reasons why you might wish to Study in DCU as an International Student

  1. DCU offers Study Abroad / Junior Year Abroad options across all disciplines – Humanities,  Law and Government, Global Business and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
  2. DCU also offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of the highest international quality and research opportunities in technology, engineering, business, communications, humanities and science and health.
  3. One  Year Post Study Work Visa – work in Dublin – home to European Headquarters of leading global companies (e.g. Google, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter and Paypal)
  4. Great Apartment Style Accommodation on campus located next to Award Winning Gym and Swimming Pool
  5. Globally recognised centre of academic excellence in education and research with several national centres of excellence.
  6. Employment relevant, innovative and interdisciplinary programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level that produce highly regarded graduates for the new global workplace.
  7. Some undergraduate programs offer integrated work placement opportunities (INTRA) (Some paid work placements)
  8. Generation 21- A unique program of initiatives whose purpose is to shape our graduates into rounded individuals who are ready to take their place and succeed in the workforce and in life.
  9. Invent- A state of the art Innovation and Enterprise Centre that promotes research and encourages entrepreneurship.
  10. Students can work part time 20 hours per week during Study…..

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