DCU Brasil CSF students celebrate Spring Gincana

The following post has been written by Ms Julia Salazar, a Science without Borders student from UNICAMP in Brasil who has been studying at DCU for the 2014/15 academic year and will remain in DCU for the summer period to participate in  a supervised project in DCU’s School of Health and Human Performance.

Julia arranged a sports day to celebrate Spring Gincana and provides an overview of the day below:
“I have spent the academic year here at DCU through the Science without Border Scholarship Programme from Brasil along with other Brazilians. Last Saturday, we organised a Sports Day which included traditional games from home.  ‘We split all the Brazilians into three groups of five people in each one. Each group had their own color and war cry.
The games started with Scavenger Hunt inside the campus, then we moved to Albert College Park beside the Campus  and we played ‘Capture the Flag’, a game from childhood where each opposing team must win the Brasil flag from the other team without getting ‘frozen’ if they are caught.
After ‘Capture the Flag’ we went to Nu Bar in the University to have lunch together then moved to a student house at College Park and started the indoor games. First a quiz about general knowledge, sports, DCU events, entertainment and Brazilian and Irish history. The second indoor game was a musical quiz- all the participants had to guess the singer and the music name after listening just a bit of a song.
After a day full of games we had a party to celebrate the winner team and share the prizes given by International Office.
brazil photo
‘It was an amazing experience and a whole day full of activities and fun. We had a great time playing all together and also organizing everything. We would to thank International Office for all the support given and to come to cheer.  We didn’t have any issue, all the participants behaved well and did their best for their teams with fair play.”
2015-04-15 14.13.01


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