Recent Canadian Masters graduate – DCU International Experience

The following Blog Post was written by Ms Elise Marion, who recently graduated this month from DCU’s MA in Comparative Literature from DCU’s school of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (SALIS) – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – DCU.

Slàinte! My International Experience at DCU

When I arrived at Dublin International Airport after a red-eye flight, the first thing I looked for was caffeine, and I found it at Insomnia: Ireland’s largest independently owned coffee company. This was my initial experience of Irish culture. People talk about how Ireland is one of the friendliest places to visit, but you don’t realize it until you see it yourself. Coming from Canada, the transition was easy because our cultures are so similar, and English is one of Ireland’s official languages, along with Gaelic Irish. Being an international student is both thrilling and intimidating, especially when you just step off a plane. Dublin City University welcomed its foreign students by picking them up as a group from the airport, which crash-started us all in making new friends. It is amazing what you find in common with people from all over the world, and being international students together forms a bond that lasts throughout the school year.

I came to Ireland to undertake a master’s degree in comparative literature, and it was everything that I hoped it would be. Studying at DCU was definitely different from the Canadian university where I did my undergraduate studies, first off because of the size. McMaster University has a student population of almost 30,000 students, which is three times the size of DCU. Smaller universities mean that you have smaller classes, and more one-on-one time with your professors. I have never had such personal and constructive academic relationships as the ones I formed at DCU, and would not hesitate to study there again. Like all universities, there are a number of clubs, teams, and fitness programs to explore. I personally joined the Hiking Club, which led us on trails all around the beautiful landscapes of Ireland. Getting involved with university programs is an amazing way to relieve the stress of academics, as is exploring the city of Dublin with your fellow students. With a pub on (almost) every corner, amazing Irish food, and beautiful shops, you will always find something to do on a day/night out.

I am so proud and honored to be a graduate of Dublin City University!

Recent DCU Graduate from DCU’s MA in Comparative Literature

Elise pictured just after Graduation at DCU last month – Congratulations and well done!

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