Be Safe! Tips on how to stay safe when studying abroad

Dublin City University International

DCU International Farewell Lunch

Before you arrive:

  1. Read all Pre Arrival Information and familiarise yourself with the local culture and laws and university rules
  2. Do not take unnecessaryofficial documents with you
  3. Copy all of your official documents including passport and keep separate from originals (in the event they are lost or stolen)
  4. If you take medication, find out equivalent names/availability in the country you are visiting and make sure you have medical insurance
  5. Avoid long waits in lobbies or terminal buildings  (mind your bags and phones/laptops etc)- plan your trip!

On arrival 

  1. Protect you official documents
  2. Explore your new city with friends and avoid traveling alone (especially after dark)  – ask staff for advice
  3. Take care when socialising and be mindful of your drinks – soft drinks  or otherwise!
  4. Have your cell phone charged and with you (have emergency numbers loaded on your phone)
  5. Be sure you tell friends where you have gone

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