A French Perspective on Semester of Study at DCU

The following blog post was written by Mr. Laurant Boulay from ICP in Paris.  Laurent outlines his Study Experience at DCU.  Thanks Laurent for writing this post.  We thank you very much and with you every success in the future – we might see you back here some time too!

“Coming from the Catholic University of Paris, I have studied one semester (September-December 2015) at DCU.

Overall, this semester was a fantastic experience for me. This might sound too general but I now have a better grasp on the plurality of the world in which I am living today thanks to this experience. And this is not the case of all my fellow students in Paris. I do not mean that they are not open to the world, but the experience abroad is a much better way of understanding our world.

In that matter, DCU is a great University. I have been warmly welcomed with a pre-semester week specifically organized for foreign students. I was assisted during the choice of the modules and during the whole semester by a very competent and available International Office.

Regarding accommodation, DCU must be one of the most modern Universities in Europe. Welfare and after-school activities are a significant part of DCU’s policies.

The Helix Theatre building offers films, conferences and drinks party.

The huge library supplies students with thousands of textbooks and articles in each academic field.Those crucial resources are available on DCU’s website. It is very convenient to borrow a book or to download an article.

Sports are also encouraged in DCU. Football, rugby grounds, tennis courts, swimming pool and gym rooms are available and included in tuition fees. I have been delighted to take part in a well-organized five-a-side football league that gathers students from all other the world. The spirit was amazing.

Finally, apart from the excellence of modules granted, the most amazing experience for me was the impetus laid on student life. This student life is really prompted by DCU’s administration. I can not count how many events I have been to, how many societies exist. The most amazing thing for me was to discover that student life had a proper building -the HUB. The Student Union works all day long to help students register to events, pay their Leap card for Dublin Buses, basically give information on societies etc. Every week there is a theme such as mental health or Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance that grants students with interest and knowledge on the subject. I took part in 3 different societies (International relations society, DCU astro league, DCU Surf’n Sail society, E soc) but I could have taken part in far more if I wanted to. In deed the subscription to each society costs 4EU. In concrete terms, I enjoyed great “craics” (real Irish world) on campus events, attended conferences  in Ireland and went surfing in Bundoran in October !

From a French point of view, it was a real pleasure to meet appreciative Dubliners, to discover Dublin – its joyful atmosphere and typical weather and to study in an open University.

A sincere thank you”


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