GOI Brasil Scholarship winner shares her experience at DCU

“Choosing where to study can be as important as choosing what to study. Having the opportunity to attend the best Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland at DCU and experience the routine of a super modern campus, which offers from library to gym and all kinds of support to the student, has given me a wonderful time.

In class, besides the theoretical lectures, I have an opportunity to develop a series of practical projects in partnership with local companies, providing me with a real-world experience. The course is complete and combines creative modules and strategic analysis materials. I will leave the university ready to set up a digital marketing campaign and also able to analyze all the data and project results.

Above all, Ireland is a country to be proud of. In addition to its recognition for having the best educational system in the world, it has a beautiful history. Despite its size, Ireland fought alone against an empire for their independence from the United Kingdom – which celebrates 100 years in 2016 – accumulates 10 Nobel Prizes and managed to leave a mark on peoples´s lives, all around the world, through its music and books. For those who don´t know, it is Irish artists such as U2, The Cranberries and the writers Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. In reality, the greatest lesson to learn in Ireland is to believe we are able to do anything“.


Thanks Camila…  It is indeed a pleasure to have you study with us here at DCU…..


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