Theology, Philosophy and Music at DCU


The huge expansion of DCU’s Humanities Faculty brought about by the incorporation of formerly autonomous colleges in Dublin has resulted in a range of exciting new opportunities for students – not least through the formation of a new School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music (TPM).

Based at the beautiful All Hallows campus, in Drumcondra, TPM offers a dynamic and creative learning and research environment with a strong commitment to social and cultural engagement, world-class research, and teaching that promotes critical thinking. Students can choose from an array of courses, stretching from introductions to theology and philosophy, to the history of world religions, to in-depth examinations of great religious and philosophical texts, to the study of important composers and musical movements.

In term of theology and religious studies, TPM pursues the academic study of religion, and welcomes religious and secular students alike. Theology in the School places strong emphasis on ecumenical perspectives on important themes and issues, on the study of sacred texts, and on inter-religious dialogue. Religious Studies analyzes the phenomenon of religion, in so many of its cultural manifestations, but without presupposing the intrinsic truth of religious faith.

In terms of philosophy, the School places strong emphasis on engaging with the history of the subject, and with studying some of the key thinkers and themes that have emerged in 2,500 years of Western thought. The School is also deeply concerned with the application of philosophical principles, through a focus on specific ethical issues, and houses the world-renowned DCU Institute of Ethics.

In terms of music, the School combines scholarly rigor with creative endeavor: students can study different aspects of the history of music, as well as performance and composition. Music staff include internationally recognized composers and conductors, and courses offered covered a broad range – traditional Irish and popular music, as well as classical.

Overall, the new School of TPM provides visiting students with a unique range of opportunities for intellectual and personal development. We look forward to welcoming you.

Thanks to Dr. Ian Leask, Lecturer in PhilosopySchool of Theology, Philosophy, and Music, All Hallows Campus for submitting this blog.

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